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Huronia Alarm & Fire Security Inc. makes donation-in-kind to Habitat for Humanity South Georgian Bay

Posted: October 22, 2021

Huronia Alarm & Fire Security Inc. (HAFS) recently donated and installed a security system and surveillance cameras to Habitat for Humanity South Georgian Bay (HFHSGB).  HFHSGB assists low-income families in need, to build and buy simple, quality affordable homes. Their programs also enable low-income families to acquire assets, reduce their dependence on other forms of social assistance, give children stability and break the cycle of poverty. 100% of all administrative and fundraising costs are paid for by the operation of the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Habitat for Humanity South Georgian Bay had been experiencing ongoing problems over the last few years with illegal dumping of unwanted items like rusty propane tanks, broken hot tubs, and dirty mattresses outside the gates of their ReStore in Collingwood.  These items are unsaleable and can pose a health and safety risk to HFH staff and volunteers.  “Every dollar we have to spend to put stuff into a dumpster takes from the available funds that should be going toward building homes for people in our community,” said Joy Fleury, Executive Director at Habitat for Humanity South Georgian Bay.

Habitat for Humanity South Georgian Bay is an important part of our community. The work that they do helping families in need, to build and sustain good quality, affordable housing ultimately means that our entire community benefits,” said Chris Johnson, Sales Consultant at HAFS.  “But if staff and volunteers are having to spend their time and HFH financial resources cleaning up after an illegal dumping, then that means there’s fewer financial resources available to help families in need. So when Joy reached out to us to ask for assistance, we were happy to lend a hand.”

As part of their corporate donations program, HAFS donated staff time, security products (including multiple surveillance cameras around the ReStore building, a monitored security system, access control and ongoing monitoring services) and believes that installation of the new security/surveillance system and associated monitoring will reduce the incidents of illegal dumping at the front of the HFHSGB gates.  The cameras will allow HFHSGB Staff and Volunteers to identify the individuals responsible for the illegal dumping and pass that information on to the town's bylaw department to follow-up.

Huronia provided us with so much more than we expected … including peace of mind and helping me sleep better at night,” said Fleury. “I am so grateful for their help and want to personally thank everyone from HAFS who were involved in this installation including Rob Thorburn Jr (Chief Executive Officer) for working with their product suppliers like Digital Security Controls (DSC) to get security products donated.  Dan Seeley (Operations Coordinator), Kris Lee (Alarm Security Technician), Aron Knight (Sales Consultant) and Jonathan Hase (Technician) for their enthusiastic donation of time cutting pavement, installing conduit, the cameras, security panels and monitoring system and training us to ensure we knew how to use everything!  And lastly, thank you to Darcy Currie (Purchasing/Warehouse Coordinator) and Suzan Cadeau Armstrong (Installation Coordinator) for helping get everything organized and executed smoothly.” 

Fleury went on to say, they say ‘good fences make good neighbours’.  In our case, good neighbours helped us secure our fence to help keep us safe and to allow us to focus our energies and resources on providing families in need with housing."

Habitat for Humanity South Georgian Bay ReStore is open Tuesday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for shopping and product donations. Please call ahead to make a donation (705-446-9740) or email photos to

Huronia Alarm & Fire Security Inc. has been in business for over 45 years and is Central Ontario’s leading provider of home and business security and monitoring services, CCTV, fire and safety, lock, key and safe products and services, home theatre, audio and video consultation and entertainment room design, as well as cabling and smart home wiring for today's home automation requirements.


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